graduate-150x150“I have known you (Rajesh and Monica Verma) for a long time now as you have taught my elder brother in the past years. I have seen his progress and this has encouraged me to seek your help . I was getting 63% on my Math tests which went up to 88% and my overall marks rose from 71% to 82%. Thank you very much Rajesh, for helping me and my brother in getting better marks throughout the high school years. I could not have done it without you.”

  • Grade 12 student, Father Bressani Catholic High School, Woodbridge

Students_In_A_Classroom_-_R“With Mrs. Monica Verma’s help, I quickly impressed my teachers with a tremendous increase in my marks. At my Grade 8 graduation, I received the Math Award for the highest 98% marks and I also received the Honour Roll for my overall above 80% marks. I am very pleased that I chose to seek help before it was too late and that I have received this help from Mrs. Verma.”

  • Grade 10 student, Maple High School, Maple

two-children“I began tuition classes with Mr. Verma when I was in grade 6 (now going to be in grade 11), and I am glad that my parents chose such a capable tutor to enrich my thinking and to help me do better. My parents and I have seen an amazing improvement in my results – thanks to you! I remember how I used to get ‘C’s in Math and Science that quickly changed to ‘A’s with your help. I became an ‘A’ student with 90%+ marks and I would recommend you to anybody who needs extra help in anything.”

  • Grade 11 student, William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute, Toronto

“I’ve had an amazing experience at Scholar’s Edge for the past few years. My grades for Math have improved tremendously. I now love Math and look forward to tests and quizzes that I used to be paranoid of.”

  • Grade 11 Student, North Albion Collegiate Institute, Toronto

“I feel that I have improved a lot in school. Scholar’s Edge Tutoring has helped me a lot throughout the summer. Scholar’s Edge Tutoring has made me 80% average student in subjects that I used to score below 70%.”

  • Grade 9 Student, Woodbridge College, Woodbridge

“I improved greatly by going to Scholar’s Edge Tutoring. At my school we did our CAT and I knew it all. I finished my Math test before everyone else and knew it all from start to finish. Scholar’s Edge Tutoring has helped me a lot and is continuing to be of great support to me.”

  • Grade 8 Student, Smithfield Middle School, Toronto

“I started attending Scholar’s Edge at the beginning of Grade 9 and it has helped me out with my assignments and tests. It made my overall marks go from 50% to 70%+.”

  • Grade 12 Student, Emily Carr Secondary School, Woodbridge

“My experience here at Scholar’s Edge has been really fun and I have improved a lot since I have started coming here for English and Math.”

  • Grade 5 Student, Lorna Jackson Public School, Woodbridge

“I improved my English mark from 52% to 66% average. Wow!”

  • Grade 11 Student, Martin Grove Collegiate Institute, Toronto

“It has been a great experience learning at Scholar’s Edge. They really did take some load off my shoulders in regards to my academic work.”

  • Grade 12 Student, North Albion Collegiate Institute, Toronto

“I’ve improved my English in these few months in Canada. This was a complete course in every sense!”

  • 2nd Year University Student, University of Simon Bolivar, Caracas

“Thank you for helping my daughter to achieve her goals by building her self confidence through effective teaching skills.”

  • Parent of Grade 11 Student, Holy Cross Catholic High School, Woodbridge

“I used to get an 80% average, but I needed to get into University of Toronto for Business Management. After joining Scholar’s Edge, I started to improve and received a 90% average which ensured my university acceptance and got me $5000 scholarship. My parents love it.”

  • Grade 12 Student, St Basil’s College, Toronto